Vogue Features Profile of Courtney on Style, Wine
Courtney is featured as one of seven women photographed for a story called "American Women Speak Out: What Really Works for Work." Courtney's unique style sense is profiled in the story, as is her passion for wine. She compares putting a wardrobe together to pairing food and wine, a subjective process that facilitates creativity and self-expression:

"Wine tasting is often subjective, which is also why I like fashion: there's so much open to interpretation. You can change wine by pairing it with different foods. The equivalent in fashion would be wearing an avant-garde piece by Comme des Garcons or a whimsical piece from Marni with something really classic."

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Daily Candy Features Profile on Courtney - The Big Winer
Courtney is featured in a story called "Big Winer" which covers the custom wine parties she throws. Editorial says "Her custom tastings, held in the comfort of your home among friends, make expanding your knowledge and refining your palate fun."

The story continues, "In Getting to Know Merlot … All Over Again, she’ll dispel the bad rap the varietal got from Sideways. In Wine and Cheese if You Please, try interesting pairings like Italian barolo and Piedmontese truffle cheese. Haute Stuff will have you feeling bubbly after one flight of champagne. And with Think Pink, Cochran will guide you through five wines that would satisfy even the biggest Barbie-lover. Without ever suggesting you are one."

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BusinessWeek Online Features Profile on Courtney - "Days of Wine and Business"
The MBA Insider portion of BusinessWeek online recently ran a story on Courtney called "Days of Wine and Business." The piece ran as part of an on-going series of "Day in the Life" profiles of MBA graduates.

Courtney describes her typical day - if there is such a thing - in the piece and discusses what goes on behind the scenes while running a start-up wine businesss.

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San Francisco Chronicle Profiles Courtney & Her Uber-Popular HIP TASTES Events
September 2006 saw Courtney and new brand, HIP TASTES Events, profiled in the first ever issue of the Chronicle's Sipping News special wine events section. The story was playfully dubbed "Wine for Hipsters" and included the following: "Forget the image of high-nosed wine sniffers. At Hip Tastes, Courtney Cochran...has designed a monthly party introducing wine to a new generation."

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C Magazine Calls Courtney San Francisco's Most Wanted Wine Guru
The May 2007 issue of C Magazine, California's first lifestyle magazine, features a cover story on Courtney and her role in giving wine collecting "a modern makeover."

The story highlights her spinoff business, Hip Tastes Events, and upcoming book by the same title (Viking, October 2007). Author Melissa Ceria sites Courtney's "passion for wine education" and "knack for savvy marketing" as catalysts for her success. The piece also includes profiles of four of her favorite California wineries: Medlock Ames, Roshambo, Hobo Wine Company and Lava Vine Vineyards.

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San Francisco Chronicle Reviews (Raves!) Courtney's Book
In a review titled "Is That A Sommelier In Your Pocket?", Camper English calls Courtney's new book a "surprisingly practical wine tutorial for newbies and reference for shoppers."

He goes on to remark that the book contains "useful solutions to modern dilemmas like what to drink when all the wine is lousy at the business reception (white, with a couple ice cubes), what to pair with Mexican food (depends if you're ordering the carnitas), and how to shop for it online (try not to order anything in the peak of summer)."

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Domino Magazine Features Hip Tastes As A Must-Have Wine Party Guide
Domino Magazine includes a special profile on Courtney's new book and her favorite wine party gadgets and accessories in its October, 2007 issue. In it, the new author offers candid tips on must-have party gear including carpet savers (Vacu Vin crystal wine servers), stemless wine glasses, a write-able cheese tray (so you never mix up your Morbier with your Muenster), and music (Verve Remixed).

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San Francisco Magazine Says Hip Tastes Is "Wine Minus the Snob Factor"
In a great piece by SF's favorite cheeky food maven, Marcia Gagliardi, San Francisco Magazine says that " the funkiest events for the new generation of winos who are saying au revoir to 'wine-and-cheese' affairs are run by Courtney Cochran of Hip Tastes."

The piece features a full-page spread of The White Party (Aug '07), where hip tasters toasted to drinking and wearing white before Labor Day. The stylish event featured all-white wines and all-white foods in the all-white VIP area of San Francisco's Fluid Lounge. Cheers to that!

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7x7 Mag Includes Hip Tastes In Its List of Top New Books from Local Authors
The December, 2007 issue of San Fran's stylish 7x7 Mag includes Hip Tastes in its lineup of the season's best new food and wine-themed books. Also included in the feature are Citizen Cake maven and Iron Chef alum Elizabeth Falkner's "Demolition Desserts" and frommage expert Laura Werlin's "Cheese Essentials." Not bad company!

Scribe Sasha Bernstein says the book "is like a crib sheet for wine lovers" and "makes a perfect gift for those just starting out."

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HAUTE LIVING Profiles Courtney as Leading Personal Sommelier
The debut issue (March/April 09) of ultra-luxe pub Haute Living San Francisco features a profile of Courtney as a leading personal sommelier. The article - called "The NoseTthat Knows" - chronicles her work assisting private clients in creating their dream cellars, and offers up Courtney's top wine picks of the moment.

In the piece, Courtney delves into her past to find the root of her love of the vine: "I was living in Paris and met up with a pal and her host family, a renowned winemaking family, at their home in Burgundy, and had one of my all-time greatest lunches." Haute Living is a sister publication to the Robb Report.

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Mutineer Magazine Selects Courtney for "What People Drink" Section
Mutineer Magazine - run by 26-year-old somm Alan Kropf - profiles Courtney in their Mar/April 2010 issue in the What People Drink section (also featured is the dashing Karl Wente). Courtney brought the hip with - what else? - her fav leather pants, a vintage fur collar and Missoni pumps. Check out the article for the inside scoop on her raucous first trip to Burgundy (hitchhiking is involved), what she DOESN'T like to read in wine and her affinity for Kaffir Lime Vodka - Hangar One, of course.

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UCLA Magazine Profiles Courtney & Host of KCRW's "Good Food" (Hello, Food Fetish!)
In a fun, Q&A-style piece (April 2008), UCLA Magazine profiles Courtney and fellow Bruin alum Evan Kleiman, LA restaurateur, cookbook author and host of KCRW's insanely popular "Good Food" radio show. The interview went down at Kleiman's Angeli Caffe on Melrose, over eats selected by the chef and wines okay'd by Cochran. Topics range from fantasy-perfect food and wine pairings to sky's-the-limit dining nirvana tips - which means, it's a damn tasty read.

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